Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Animation
Comedy Central Brand Image Spot
Motion Graphics, Animation, Graphic Design
Comedy Central Clusterfest 2018
Animation, Motion Graphics, Branding
History Channel’s: Car Week
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Branding
VEVO Bumper Spot
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Comedy Central's Feast Mode
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
VH1 2016 Voting Promo Style Frames
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
History Channel’s : EVEL LIVE
Motion Graphics
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Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Comedy Central EMMYS Screens
Branding, Animation, Motion Graphics
VH1 Throwback Thanksgiving
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
Fisher Price US & China- Interactive
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Interaction Design
VH1 Martha & Snoop
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Branding
VH1 Fierce Fridays
Motion Graphics
VH1 14 Days Of Love
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
VH1 The Notebook 24hr Marathon
Motion Graphics
VH1 Hit The Floor: Instant Replay Countdown
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
iHeart Radio Multi-City Conference Room Displays
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Photography
Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
iHeart Radio Favorite Radio App Spot
Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics
VH1 Black Ink Crew Tease
Motion Graphics
VH1 Christmas Clapback
Motion Graphics
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Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
Hitster App Spot
Animation, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
VH1’s Barely Famous 1515 Display
Motion Graphics
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