Back to Bits / Level 1 “NES Nostalgia”

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
                          Level 1 “NES Nostalgia”
                          Back to Bits, a curated animation project featuring the collective works of more than 40 artists from                           around the world, showcasing a series of animated GIFs inspired by retro NES games. This first                                 round, or “level,” in the Back to Bits series is called NES Nostalgia, and is a tribute to retro 80s and                           90s NES games. I was asked to create a fun GIF based on my favorite game to contribute to the                                 collection.
                          Created & Curated by: Jerry Liu
                          Co-Produced with: Angela Liu
                          Website developed by: Peter Chi
                          Music & Sound Design by: Wesley Slover
                          Special thanks to: Jennifer Ortiz
                          Donkey Kong Gif Animator: Catalina Rodriguez

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